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04 Apr


By: Samantha Keywood – Categories: – April 4, 2018

Toothache: Symptoms, treatment and prevention Toothache is a common reason for visiting the dentist. Pain from toothache can affect the teeth and jaws. Tooth decay is a common reason for toothache, which won’t usually get better on its own. Toothach ... Continue Reading

02 Jan

Wisdom teeth removal

By: Samantha Keywood – Categories: – January 2, 2018

Wisdom teeth removal Wisdom teeth removal means having one or more of the third molars (your wisdom teeth) at the back of your mouth taken out. This can sometimes involve a surgical procedure. Your wisdom teeth are the last four of the large grinding teet ... Continue Reading

30 Oct

Senstive teeth

By: Samantha Keywood – Categories: – October 30, 2017

What is Sensitive teeth? Sensitive teeth is the name given to the condition in which someone experiences pain and discomfort in their teeth as a result of consuming hot or cold food and drink. Sweet or highly acidic foods can also cause sensitive teeth. M ... Continue Reading