Why choose us?

  1. Our practice policy is to provide a very personal service to our patients. They have the reassurance that they will see the same dentist on a continuing basis. This allows a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to be created and maintained. We want you to enjoy your visits here.
  2. We understand that many people are nervous when visiting the dentist. We make every effort to treat patients as gently and with as much care and consideration as possible. We have built a very good reputation for providing painless dentistry. Many of our patients travel long distances to see us because of this.
  3. Our first class service, state of the art facilities (including TV screens above the dental chairs, a choice of hot or cold drinks, and hot towels) make your visit to the dentist as pleasurable as possible.
  4. Our aftercare service, including visits to our superb hygienist, will ensure your new smile will look good for years to come.
  5. For your convenience, we offer evening and Saturday morning appointments. Please call 020 8399 4311 to arrange a consultation, and take the first step towards enjoying the confidence a fabulous smile brings.