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What Are The Benefits Of braces? | Surbiton Dental

What Are The Benefits Of Braces?

Post by : admin | 24 August 2023

The thought of having braces can be an unnerving experience, however, there is nothing to be worried about! In this blog post we will explore the benefits of braces, the advantages and disadvantages of having braces and whether braces hurt or not? We will investigate the benefits of having braces and how they can positively impact you.

Main benefits of braces

There are many benefits of dental braces, and not just for a pleasant smile. Benefits can include: an improvement in speech, an enhancement in self-esteem and the prevention of tooth decay. One of the main benefits of having braces is that they will avert gum disease, the reason for this is that the braces will help separate your teeth out appropriately and therefore you will have an easier time brushing and flossing between your teeth. Without the straightening strength of dental braces, food will be frequently wedged in between your teeth, having braces will dismantle this issue and therefore lessen the risk with having any issues with gum disease. Another benefit of having braces is that it helps with your digestion, if your teeth aren’t correctly aligned then it becomes an issue to chew food into smaller pieces and therefore if your food is too large your stomach will have more of a difficult task in digesting the food properly. Braces will solve this issue as your teeth will be straightened accordingly which means it will be less demanding to chew food into smaller segments.

How can you determine if you need braces?

Determining if you need teeth braces can be difficult, however there are simple guidelines to follow to ensure you know if you need braces or not. If your teeth look crowded or displaced, then it might be a reasonable decision to consider dental braces. One of our specialised cosmetic dentists will be able to resolve any queries you may have if you are uncertain about what braces will best suit you. Another problem that you may have, which might determine if you need teeth braces, is if your jaw moves or makes a sound, this can indicate a development problem with your teeth and jaw line. If you are continuously biting the edges of your cheek or hitting the roof of your mouth, then this could show signs that you need braces as your teeth aren’t correctly straightened. Braces can correct an overbite which is a condition where your upper front teeth overlap your lower front teeth, or an underbite which is when your lower teeth overlap your upper teeth.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having dental braces?

Advantages of Braces:

Improved Oral Health: Straight teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Aesthetics: Braces can lead to a more harmonious and attractive smile, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Improved Bite and Function: Braces can correct bite issues, such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite, leading to better chewing function and reduced strain on jaw muscles and joints.

Speech Improvement: Misaligned teeth can sometimes affect speech. Correcting dental misalignment can help improve pronunciation and clarity.

Prevention of Wear and Tear: Misaligned teeth can lead to uneven wear, chipping, and other damage. By aligning teeth properly, braces can prevent these issues.

Headache and Neck Pain Reduction: Orthodontic issues can sometimes lead to headaches or neck pain. Correcting these issues can alleviate these symptoms for some individuals.

Disadvantages of Braces:

Discomfort: Braces can cause discomfort, especially after adjustments. The mouth may feel sore, and there can be irritation to the cheeks and lips initially.

Aesthetic Concerns: Some people feel self-conscious about the appearance of braces, especially traditional metal ones.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Braces require meticulous oral hygiene. Food can get trapped easily, necessitating thorough brushing and flossing. Special cleaning tools may be required, like interdental brushes or floss threaders.

Dietary Restrictions: Certain foods are off-limits with braces to avoid damaging the braces or getting food stuck. This includes hard, sticky, or very chewy foods.

Duration of Treatment: Braces usually need to be worn for an extended period, often ranging from 18 months to a few years.

Cost: Orthodontic treatment can be expensive. While some dental insurance plans might cover some of the cost, many treatments are out-of-pocket expenses.

How can you get braces if you need them?

Braces are commonly available and with a small visit to one of our professional orthodontists, we will know if dental braces are essential for you or not. There are many types of dental braces for children but also teeth braces for adults. Treatments can’t begin unless you have a high standard of oral cleanliness as poor hygiene could heighten the risk of tooth decay. There are fewer adult braces avillable than for children, however we are sure you can find the right braces that are suitable for you, whether that be clear braces, invisible braces or any other type of braces.

Do braces hurt?

Many people often have the impression that braces hurt, but this isn’t always the case. Throughout the procedure of having your braces applied you won’t feel any pain, however your teeth and gums will most likely be a bit painful afterwards. This pain can last up to a week, but it is very rare to endure any pain after 2-3 days after your dental braces are applied. It is good to avoid acidic drinks after having your braces applied and eating soft foods will avoid any extra pain. After a month you will get comfortable with your braces and you may not even realise that they are there, it is possible you could experience minor amounts of pain randomly, but this is a common occurrence.

At Surbiton Dental we provide a professional service for all orthodontic procedures and our team are highly skilled and qualified to deal with any orthodontic issues you may have. We know that having dental braces might not be the most enjoyable experience, but our dedicated team are always here to help make your experience stress-free. If you have any questions or queries then get in touch with us by contacting us via telephone on 020 8399 4311 or by emailing us at, alternatively you can contact us via our contact form. We are devoted to helping you with your orthodontic needs.

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