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Boost Your Confidence: Teeth Whitening Treatments

Post by : Dr Jack Connan BDS GDC No. 277529 | 2 June 2024

A bright, white smile is often associated with confidence, health, and beauty. No wonder teeth whitening has become a popular cosmetic dental procedure. But with a vast array of options available, navigating the world of teeth whitening can be confusing. This guide will shed light on the different whitening methods, their effectiveness, and safety considerations to help you achieve a brighter smile with confidence.

Unveiling the Stain: Understanding Tooth Discoloration

Teeth can become discoloured for various reasons, including:

Beverages: Coffee, tea, red wine, and soda are notorious for staining teeth.
Smoking: Tobacco use leaves behind stubborn stains and contributes to overall tooth yellowing.

Medications: Certain medications can affect tooth colour as a side effect.
Ageing: As we age, teeth naturally darken due to the accumulation of dentin, a yellowish tissue beneath the enamel.

Here are some interesting facts to brighten your day (and maybe your smile!):

1. Whitening Is Safe

If carried out by a trained dental professional, whitening is perfectly safe.

Based on their knowledge of your oral health your dentist will discuss with you the options available, decide if tooth whitening is appropriate for you and develop an overall treatment plan that gives the desired result.

You’ll get to see on a chart what shade your teeth are before the treatment and what shade you’re likely to achieve.

At the end of the treatment, the dentist will show you the actual result so you can understand how effective it was.

You will also see when you look in the mirror!

2. Only Trained Dental Professionals Can Whiten Teeth

It is illegal for anyone other than dentists or their teams to carry out teeth whitening.

Anyone else offering teeth whitening (e.g. beauticians, hairdressers, and salon staff) won’t have the right training and knowledge, could permanently damage your teeth and gums and can’t help you when something goes wrong.

3. The Preferred Option

Whitening won’t remove the surface of your teeth or change their shape. It’s often a better option than alternatives, such as veneers, because it doesn’t involve permanently altering the tooth’s structure and is easy to look after.

4. Selecting the Right Option for You

Your dentist is trained to know what whitening products will be safe for your teeth and gums.

Products provided by non-dentists often do not have enough safety data and evidence to support their use; this can result in burned gums and/or blistered lips or even more serious consequences. Using products that are not appropriate for you will produce poor results.

5. How It Works

A carefully controlled concentration of bleach is applied to your teeth using specially-made trays that fit in your mouth.

Your dentist will be able to discuss with you the level of whitening you want and give you an idea of how many treatments you may need to achieve the shade you’re after.

Like hair and skin, teeth vary in colour. Some are yellower or darker than others, even when they are quite healthy. Teeth tend to get darker as people get older.

Teeth sometimes become darker if their roots have been damaged or diseased and the ‘nerve’ has died.

Consulting your dentist before starting any whitening treatment is crucial. They can assess your suitability, recommend the most effective and safe method for your needs, and address any concerns you may have.

With the right approach, teeth whitening can be a safe and effective way to achieve a brighter, more confident smile. So, discuss your options with your dentist and get ready to light up the world with your dazzling smile!

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