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The patient presented a unique dental challenge, having been born with a missing canine on the left-hand side. This congenital absence not only affected the symmetry and aesthetics of their smile but also had functional implications. The patient had previously opted for a bridge to address this issue. However, the bridge proved to be unreliable, frequently falling out and causing significant inconvenience and discomfort, undermining the patient’s ability to eat and speak with ease.


Given the recurring issues with the bridge and the patient’s desire for a stable and lasting solution, we recommended a fixed dental implant. Our team at Surbiton Dental, recognised as a specialist in dental implants, was confident that this approach would provide the patient with a secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solution, effectively addressing both the functional and cosmetic concerns associated with the missing tooth.


With precision and care, our skilled dental professionals placed a fixed dental implant in the gap left by the missing canine. The procedure was conducted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the implant not only functioned optimally but also blended seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, maintaining the natural harmony of the patient’s dental arch and facial aesthetics.


The patient was overjoyed with the result of the treatment. The newly placed dental implant offered a permanent solution, bringing an end to the patient’s struggles with the unreliable bridge. The patient can now enjoy their meals and engage in conversations without any concern, thanks to the stability and comfort provided by the implant. This case is a testament to the life-enhancing potential of our cosmetic dental implant treatments in Surbiton, where we strive to restore smiles and confidence with personalised care.



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