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The patient was grappling with a severe dental concern – their front teeth were extremely crowded, leading to the lateral incisor being obscured behind the central incisor. This not only affected the patient’s oral functionality but also had a profound impact on their self-esteem. In photographs, it appeared as though the patient was missing a front tooth, a perception that significantly affected their confidence, especially in social situations where smiling became a source of anxiety rather than joy.


After a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s dental structure and understanding their aesthetic concerns, we recommended a holistic treatment approach. This included Invisalign for teeth straightening, complemented by whitening and composite bonding. Our team at Surbiton Dental, known for expertise in Invisalign treatment, was confident that this multifaceted approach would address both the functional and cosmetic aspects, leading to a harmonious and enhanced smile.


The treatment journey spanned 8 months, during which we meticulously carried out Invisalign teeth straightening to correct the alignment of the front teeth. Post-Invisalign, we conducted home whitening to enhance the brightness of the teeth, followed by composite edge bonding to restore the worn edges of some of the front teeth. Each step was executed with precision, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outcome.


The transformation was profound. The patient was thrilled with the outstanding results, expressing immense satisfaction with their revitalised smile. The previously hidden lateral incisor was now prominently visible, and the overall alignment of the teeth was harmoniously balanced. The patient’s confidence was fully restored, allowing them to smile freely in photos and embrace social interactions with newfound self-assurance. This case exemplifies the transformative power of our comprehensive Invisalign dentist services in Surbiton.



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