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Dental implant bridge

Four Advantages of Having a Dental Implant Bridge

Post by : Dr Jack Connan BDS GDC No. 277529 | 23 March 2023

Investing in a dental implant bridge provides numerous advantages from improved confidence and increased chewing capacity to enhanced lifestyle. By taking the plunge into this life-changing procedure, you can enjoy a lasting smile that looks and feels like real teeth!

A bridge will preserve your remaining teeth

Dental implant crown

A cost effective way of ensuring your remaining teeth are preserved and your chewing function is restored, is to have a dental implant bridge as it reduces the quantity of implants needed.If you have lost several teeth, your ability to chew will be significantly compromised. This can lead to increased pressure on your remaining teeth which could ultimately result in their premature failure.

A bridge will eliminate issues with altered speech

Missing teeth can cause more than just aesthetic issues; they may also affect speech clarity. Dental implant bridges offer a secure and permanent solution that, with proper care and maintenance, allows for the same sensation of natural teeth–eliminating any communication obstacles.

The process is available for patients who have insufficient bone in the jaw

In some cases, there is not enough jawbone to support an implant. A dental implant bridge can resolve this issue as single tooth implants can be placed in the ‘tooth gaps’ and a bridge is then fixed to these. Allowing for a full set of teeth with minimum impact on the jawbone and the minimal use of implants.

A dental implant bridge offers more support than a traditional denture

Dental implant bridge

Unlike a traditional denture, a dental implant bridge is permanently fixed in place so there is no need to remove it for the purpose of cleaning. In addition to this, it feels and functions like natural teeth, ensuring there is no discomfort from movement often associated with traditional dentures.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for tooth replacement

Dental implants provide a long-term solution for oral health concerns; with proper care and maintenance, successful implant integration can bring many years of positive results. Compared to other restorative treatments which may need repeated replacement over time, dental implants offer an advantageous solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits far into the future.

Dental implants provide the ability to eat with comfort

Dental implant process

Dental Implants offer long-lasting benefits that go way beyond the esthetic – with greater resistance to force, you can bring a whole new range of foods back into your diet. Enjoy crispy fruit and vegetables, lean meaty proteins and crunchy nuts without worry

Say goodbye tocavities for good with a dental implant

Implanting a crown may give you worry-free protection from cavities, but it’s still important to maintain optimal oral hygiene. Properly brushing and flossing around the implant site can help thwart infection or weakening of gums which could lead to failure of your restoration down the line.

A dental implant bridge has the most predictable long-term outcome. If you think this could be an option for you, please Contact Us  our dentist in Surbiton on 0208 399 4311

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