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10 Jan

Sensitive teeth

By: Samantha Keywood – Categories: – January 10, 2018

What are sensitive teeth? Tooth sensitivity results from irritation of nerves in the tooth, which leads to pain or discomfort when teeth are exposed to hot or cold temperatures or to acidic food and beverages. Sensitivity can also occur during flossing or ... Continue Reading

23 Oct

Dental decay

By: Samantha Keywood – Categories: – October 23, 2017

WHAT IS DENTAL DECAY? Dental decay happens when the enamel and dentine of a tooth become softened by acid attack after you have eaten or drunk anything containing sugars. Over time , the acid makes a cavity (hole) in the tooth. Dental decay is the same as ... Continue Reading

15 Dec

Erosion is the progressive loss of tooth substance by chemical or acid dissolution, and no bacteria are involved. Erosion of tooth surfaces is mostly the results of too frequent or inappropriate use of carbonated drinks (including sparkling water) and fru ... Continue Reading