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How Do I Maintain My Dental Implants?

4 April 2017

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The long-term success of implants depends on how well they are maintained. Regular dental visits are essential. Your dentist will develop a dental visit program to ensure the health of your implants and remaining natural teeth.

Periodontal disease can strike when teeth and gums are not properly cleaned. If left untreated bone loss, which weakens supporting structures, can lead to loss of dental implants as well as tooth loss.

Home Care: Daily brushing and flossing are absolutely necessary for long-term success. There are also many supplemental products that allow you to clean the implants properly. Your dentist will design a home care regime that will suit your individual needs.

Brushing: Your dentist may recommend a cordless electric toothbrush. Whether you use a standard brush or electric toothbrush, your dentist and hygienist will review your brushing techniques to ensure that you are cleaning the area properly.

Oral Irrigation Systems: Research has shown that oral irrigation is effective in reducing plaque accumulation around dental implants and natural teeth. Your dentist may also suggest that you use a special mouth rinse.

Flossing: Good home care includes daily flossing. Floss threaders are very helpful in allowing you to reach around implants, under bridges and bars so these areas can be easily cleaned. Your dentist may also recommend special types of floss.

Interproximal Brushes: These small dental brushes, also called “Proxy Brushes”, are specifically designed to clean between the teeth and implants. While not a replacement for dental floss they are helpful in cleaning hard to reach areas.

Dental Visits: It is typically recommended that patients visit their dentist for professional cleanings every 3-6 months. However, your dentist will design a dental visit program specifically for you.

Tooth Pastes: Most toothpastes contain fluoride, since they are designed for natural teeth. Fluoride does not hurt dental implant restorations.

Avoid toothpastes that contain excessively abrasive ingredients (baking soda, stain removers, smoker’s toothpastes, etc). Abrasive toothpastes can create wear on acrylic and can remove the glaze on porcelain.

Mouth Washes: Most commercial mouth rinses are designed to give a “fresh breath feeling.” Alcohol is used in most mouth rinses and could cause dryness of the mouth. Patients who have dry mouth should avoid mouth rinses that contain alcohol. There are plenty of alcohol-free mouth rinses available today.

If you would like to replace your missing teeth and chew your food better please call us on 0208 399 4311  to book an appointment

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🚨 New Teeth Alert 🚨
This lovely patient finished her Invisalign journey at Surbiton Dental 2 weeks ago!
Her treatment involved;
1. Invisalign Lite
2. Free Home Tooth Whitening
3. Composite Edge Bonding on the Central Incisor
*DISCLAIMER* Red Lipstick not included

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Surbiton Dental
Mouth Cancer Awareness Month
November is Mouth Cancer Awareness month. At Surbiton Dental we believe we should always be vigilant when it comes to mouth cancer.
At all new patient consultations and dental health checks we do a comprehensive oral cancer screening. It keeps you safe and also gives you a chance to poke your tongue out at us! 👅
Here’s the facts:
* Mouth Cancer is the 6th most common cancer in the world
* 8300 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK every year!
* Risk Factors: Smoking, Alcohol and over the age of 55
If you have any red patches, white patches, lumps or any other anomaly in your mouth get it checked out by a dentist immediately! Early detection can save lives!
Routine dental health checks are also advised to minimise risk of anything going unnoticed 👍🏼
#surbitondental #dentist #londondentist #surbiton #kingstonuponthames #tolworth #surrey #invisalign #straightteeth #toothwhitening #cosmeticdentist #dentalimplants #smile
Caught red handed!!! See even dentists eat cake!
Happy Birthday to Our Dentist James!
If you have a sweet tooth make sure you brush twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste...and do not rinse out after!!!
#surbitondental #dentist #londondentist #surbiton #kingstonuponthames #tolworth #surrey #invisalign #straightteeth #toothwhitening #cosmeticdentist #dentalimplants #smile
Surbiton Dental
It’s not always about improving smiles
This young patient has just finished her journey at Surbiton Dental;
* Straight Teeth ✅
* Teeth a lot easier to keep clean ✅
* Whiter Teeth ✅
* 3 discrete white composite fillings (you’ll have to look closely) ✅
Happy Patient, Happy Dentist 😄

#surbitondental #dentist #londondentist #surbiton #kingstonuponthames #tolworth #surrey #invisalign #straightteeth #toothwhitening #cosmeticdentist #dentalimplants #smile
Good luck to England tomorrow!!!
🌹🌹🌹 Do your kids wear sport guards?
Check out our website in bio to find out information about the importance of wearing mouth guards during sport.

#surbitondental #dentist #londondentist #surbiton #kingstonuponthames #tolworth #surrey #invisalign #straightteeth #toothwhitening #cosmeticdentist #dentalimplants #smile
Surbiton Dental
Getting in the Spirit of Halloween?🎃 Trick or Treating is great fun for kids and at Surbiton Dental we are all for it! We thought we would share our 5 top tips for keeping your kids teeth healthy:

1. Brush twice a day for two minutes (use a timer!) with a fluoride toothpaste
2. Do not rinse with mouthwash or water after brushing ... if using mouthwash use it a different time of the day
3. Visit the dentist every 6 months 😷😉
4. Reducing frequency of sugary snacks is more important than reducing quantity; this is because the saliva can buffer the acid produced after consuming sugar, if you constantly snack on sugar the saliva has less time to neutralise the acid produced
5. Consider Fluoride Varnish and Preventive Fissure Sealants when visiting the dentist.

This is our effort of pumpkin carving at Surbiton Dental

Please share your efforts with us!
Surbiton Dental
Another patient starts his Invisalign Journey! Harshant has his best friends wedding early in 2020 and he wants his pearly whites to be looking their best in all the wedding photos!
Can’t wait to see the final results! @harshant_j
#surbitondental #dentist #londondentist #surbiton #kingstonuponthames #tolworth #surrey #invisalign #straightteeth #toothwhitening #cosmeticdentist #dentalimplants #smile
Meet Nicki our fantastic practice manager!
Nicki has been working at Surbiton Dental for 13 years and knows many of our patients extremely well! You can always expect a warm welcome and a big smile from her.
She is well known for being loyal and hardworking and always strives to ensure we meet and exceed expectations.

#surbitondental #dentist #londondentist #surbiton #kingstonuponthames #tolworth #surrey #invisalign #straightteeth #toothwhitening #cosmeticdentist #dentalimplants #smile
Surbiton Dental
🚨 Emergency 🚨
This lovely patient had a nasty accident over the bank holiday!
We were able to to get her in first thing and do a temporary composite build up so that she can smile again at work.
We will look to get her back in to do a more permanent aesthetic composite build up, but she was extremely happy with the temporary result!
The Power of Invisalign

At Surbiton Dental we are passionate about creating happy healthy smiles in the most minimally invasive way.

This patient came in with two complaints;
1. Crooked teeth
2. Front teeth don’t bite together making biting more difficult.

We fixed this using @invisalign_uk in less than 6 months.

Patient also had whitening which is included for free with all Invisalign patients.

A fantastic result and one very happy patient!

If you would like to find out what result we can achieve with Invisalign for you, click on our website on our bio to book an appointment.

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Meet our Super Nurse Soniya!
Soniya was inspired by her mother (a phlebotomist) to get a job in healthcare. She saw at an early age how rewarding a career in patient care can be.
Soniya is known at Surbiton Dental to be a hard-working, caring individual. You will see her in the practice assisting both dentists and hygienists whilst also ensuring our patients feel relaxed and comfortable in the surgery.

#surbitondental #dentist #londondentist #surbiton #kingstonuponthames #tolworth #surrey #invisalign #straightteeth #toothwhitening #cosmeticdentist #dentalimplants #smile
Surbiton Dental
Meet our receptionist Katherine. Katherine grew up in Kingston and has spent most of her life in the local area.
She sees the importance of putting our patients at ease as soon as they walk through the door which is why you will always be greeted with a welcoming smile!

#surbitondental #dentist #londondentist #surbiton #kingstonuponthames #tolworth #surrey #invisalign #straightteeth #toothwhitening #cosmeticdentist #dentalimplants #smile
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